These awful inkings show why you should always think twice before going under the needle

    HILARIOUS pictures show some of the world’s worst tattoos.

    From farm yard animals to 80s pop stars – these inkings will make you feel better about your own body art disasters.

    When a nickname just won’t catch on

    This guy needs to chill out on the tattoos[/caption]

    This tattoo is just comical

    Worst pun ever[/caption]

    Did someone say – copyright infringement

    It looks much better on handbags[/caption]

    Simply breath-taking

    He’ll never forget his inhaler again[/caption]

    1980s throwback

    This guy loves Rick Astley – body and soul[/caption]

    You can’t say she didn’t warn you about the kids!

    No more! Please, no more.[/caption]

    Builder’s slot machine

    We’ve heard of builder’s crack but this is ridiculous[/caption]

    The rainbow colours make it

    The suspense is killing me[/caption]

    Someone should have helped her “real eyes” this was a bad idea

    Even heterochromia can’t make this tat look good[/caption]

    He must have been toasted when he got this tat…

    This is the worst thing since sliced bread[/caption]

    Lenny, how could you?

    We love the Simpsons, Hey Arnold cross-over though[/caption]

    There are apps for this… or paper

    I just use my phone instead[/caption]

    YOLO – You Obviously Lack Originality

    So why waste your money on laser removal?[/caption]

    Maybe he won beer for life?

    If you can’t work out what part of the body that is, it’s his neck[/caption]

    I wonder how long this idea was bouncing around his head

    After all this jumping, he must have a stick-pack[/caption]

    The culprits that caused the gut

    The creepiest bit is it looks like a face[/caption]

    But what’s this behind my ear?

    It’s like a reserve magic trick[/caption]

    What a Wally!

    Lionel Richie would be proud[/caption]

    Vincent van Gogh, anyone?

    At least he didn’t cut his ear off[/caption]

    This girl’s bananas!

    Maybe she wasn’t peeling well[/caption]


    Nothing says secure like a “like” button on your body[/caption]

    Men in Black reference, anyone?

    Gives a whole new meaning to ants in the pants[/caption]


    Why, out of all the animals, did he decide to have a cow[/caption]

    Gym addicts everywhere will be jealous


    At least he’s not spending his well-earned cash on gym memberships[/caption]

    Touch of evil

    I’m sure a psychiatrist would have a field day with this[/caption]


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