Nigeria’s Ministerial Appointment: Envoy deserves a shot

Nigeria’s President Mohammed Buhari is set to announce his new cabinet. Speculative names have now ruled the airwaves as spin doctors market their ‘products’.

Buhari has promised to get his cabinet ready on time, indicating that there would be emphasis on putting round pegs in round wholes this time. One of those round pegs would be the current Nigeria’s ambassador to Togo, Ambassador Olusola Iji from EseOdo local government in Ondo South senatorial district.
Iji, stands out as the most ranked and loyal party man in his state. Since his foray in politics he has been a strong member of Alliance for Democracy (AD) where he was Ondo state Chairman of the party, the party then moved to Advanced Congress of Democrats (ACD). Iji’s strong commitment and connection with the progressive party also nudged him to once again become the Action Congress (AC) state Chairman. He was also in  Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN).

As the President’s highest ranking representative in Togo, he has personally toured all the prisons in Togo in a bid to see to the welfare of Nigerian inmates by providing them aids and providing legal assistance. For him, every Nigerian would not be left alone in a foreign land. He has also helped in strengthening Nigeria’s relations with Togo. In 2018, President Buhari and his vice Prof Yemi Osinbajo, at different times, visited the west African country for summits and talks.

Months before the last general elections, Iji in his characteristics to add electoral value to the All Progressives Congress (APC) founded a Campaign group named Buhari/Osinbajo Re-Election Group (BOREG) in Ondo state. He bought and branded three buses, twelve cars, installed fourteen giant 10ft x 20ft billboards erected in strategic positions in the state, as well as a befitting office he donated to the All Progressives Congress is  at the heart of the capital city.

  • Opinion written by Bunmi Omoogun, Abuja, Nigeria


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