Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Derby 'EXPLOSION': Thick plumes of smoke bellow from city centre after 3 blasts heard

PLUMES of smoke are rising from a factory in Derby following reports of three explosions. News Source link

Sri Lanka's President to declare NATIONWIDE EMERGENCY after Easter Sunday terror attacks

SRI LANKA'S president is to declare a nationwide emergency after hundreds of people died in a series of bombings on Easter Sunday. News Source link

Meghan Markle want to be 'the next Angelina Jolie' – SHOCK Royal claim ahead...

MEGHAN MARKLE hopes to become a global humanitarian figure in the “Angelina Jolie mould” according to dramatic reports. News Source link

SpaceX EXPLOSION: Watch SHOCKING leaked footage of the Crew Dragon capsule in FLAMES

SPACEX admitted its Crew Dragon capsule suffered an "anomaly" before allegedly leaked footage emerged revealing an explosion during a routine engine test in Florida. News Source link

Lyra McKee murder: Two arrested teenagers released without charge

TWO teenagers arrested in connection with the murder of journalist Lyra McKee have been released without charge. News Source link

Finsbury Park FIRE: Firefighters battle to put out BLAZE at London tower block

FIREFIGHTERS are battling to put out an out-of-control blaze at a tower block in Finsbury Park, north London. News Source link

Pothole CRISIS solved? England and Wales 'WASTING' money when there is a simple solution

POTHOLES are a symptom of poorly maintained roads and one of Britain’s biggest bugbears would be eradicated if the Government could fork out £1.5billion every year for the next ten years to maintain England...

Brexit LIVE: Labour PANICS as Farage launches Brexit Party EU campaign – 'We MUST...

BREXIT champion Nigel Farage will clean up at the European election in May, according to Labour’s deputy leader Tom Watson. News Source link

Sri Lanka attack: Six explosions at churches and hotels, at least 30 people killed

EXPLOSIONS have been reported at three churches and three hotels in Sri Lanka killing at least 30 people, according to a hospital official. News Source link

MH370 CLAIM: Malaysia Airlines plane’s wing tip was DAMAGED and pilots ‘went to SLEEP’

MH370’s wing tip was damaged prior to its disappearance in 2014, according to the Aviation Safety Network. News Source link

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