Sunday, February 17, 2019

US warns European ISIS volunteers could create CARNAGE unless ‘locked up for LONG TIME’

EUROPEAN ISIS fighters could launch a new wave of terror attacks unless they are “locked up for a long time” by their home countries, according to a warning from a US government official. News Source...

How the Queen intervened to stop PRIVATE pictures of Kate Middleton from being published

QUEEN ELIZABETH II helped Kate Middleton stop private, unofficial pictures of her from being published by allowing her to use her solicitors and threaten the photographer with a lawsuit, a documentary reveals. News Source link

FlyBMI administration: Britain's regional airline CANCELS all flights after collapse

AIRLINE FlyBMI has gone into administration, with all the British regional airline's flights cancelled. News Source link

St Petersburg university collapse – 20 students buried in rubble at ITMO University

UP to 20 students in Russia are buried beneath tonnes of rubble after a university floor in St Petersburg collapsed, causing 60 people to be evacuated. News Source link

UK weather forecast: Temperatures set to PLUMMET as FEBRUARY FREEZE returns

THE UK will see temperatures yet again plummet as a February freeze is set to return, bringing snow and freezing rain to the British Isles. News Source link

Meghan Markle and Harry to ‘SEPARATE’ from Kate and William as Cambridges face ‘reality’

MEGHAN Markle and Prince Harry will further separate from Kate and Prince William as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge face the "reality" of their future roles at the helm of the British Monarchy. News...

MI6 Chief claims Russia is STILL targeting the Skripals – 'Very little is off...

RUSSIAN security services continue to pose a threat to Sergei and Yulia Skripal, who were poisoned in Salisbury back in March, according to a warning from MI6 boss Alex Younger. News Source link

Brexit AMBUSH: Tory remainers face no confidence from pro-Brexit activists

TORY MPs Dominic Grieve and Heidi Allen are among remainers facing no-confidence at local party annual meetings, it has emerged. News Source link

Family of pregnant British teen who joined ISIS beg for her to be allowed...

THE family of pregnant British teenager who defected to ISIS has begged the UK government to help bring her back "urgently". News Source link

Donald Trump declares state of emergency over border – ‘We are talking about an...

DONALD Trump has declared a state of emergency over the funding of the wall on the US border with Mexico, warning against an "invasion" in a White House speech filled with fiery rhetoric. News Source...

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